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This year, we’ve reinvented FBC: from our claim to a new website and social media platforms, and even our executive leadership. With “First. Beyond. Creative.” we showcase how our communication method is unique and that we go the extra mile to support our clients for the long term. What we achieved in 2023 can be seen in our 23 highlights.

1. A Fresh Look for FBC

This year, we really put our backs into it, giving our website a new look. Of course, a team photo shoot was essential, and now our team members shine on their own magazine cover. And if you’ve ever wondered what we do all day at FBC, now you can take a peek behind the scenes. In our image video, we show what our 360° storytelling agency is capable of. The star of the show: The Swiss “Chuchichäschtli.” You can watch the result here:

2. Hollywood Feeling in Zurich

Burning people, explosions, and a world-famous movie star: At the Zurich shopping center Sihlcity’s „World of Film“ event, we organized two action-packed events. The first highlight was bringing the charismatic actor Moritz Bleibtreu for a live talk and autograph session to Zurich. And there’s more: To bring visitors to a real film set, we organized a spectacular stunt show with Marcel Stucki’s team. Action!

3. Promoting Diversity and Inclusion in Switzerland

As a partner of Swiss Diversity, we have been committed from the start to support a Switzerland with more diversity and inclusion. That’s why we were also part of this year’s Award Night, where we welcomed various media. This year’s theme was „Age Discrimination,“ and SRF Gesichter & Geschichten exclusively reported on stage artists Walter Andreas Müller and Birgit Steinegger, who were honored with the Allianz Lifetime Award.

4. Action in the Mountain Village Brigels

When the world’s most famous agent is brought back to life to enjoy a break in the pool of the LA VAL Hotel & Spa alongside a beautiful lady, it means: FBC is producing a Hollywood-worthy TV commercial with Daniel Craig double Martin Langanke. The spot aired on SRF channels and was so well-received beyond national borders that we were nominated for the German Brand Award 2024. Media like Horizont, Zürcher Tagblatt and persönlich celebrated the spot.

5. First Live Podcast at WEGA

Since 2021, we’ve been producing the podcast „Schnurri mit Buri“ for our client Lidl Switzerland with Anita Buri in our in-house podcast studio. At the family fair WEGA, we produced a live podcast for the first time. The guest was Unspunnen winner Samuel Giger, who shared exciting details about his season preparations. If you couldn’t be there, you can listen to the special episode here.

6. There’s Always Something to Celebrate

From our legendary office party PRimeTime to our team excursion to Europe’s largest waterfall and the annual dance fun on the beer benches at the Baden Oktoberfest – we never miss an opportunity to celebrate our team spirit. Thank you, dear FBC Happiness Team, for organizing these great events! Follow us for a behind-the-scenes look at FBC on Instagram and TikTok.

7. Sleeping in Meetings, at the Dining Table, and on the Golf Course

We are at the pulse of trends, and when SRG launched the Influencer TV spot as a new format, we saw the opportunity to optimally showcase our client elsa Schweiz with a spot based on user-generated content. For our client’s autumn campaign, we produced a TV spot and target group-oriented content for a social media campaign. In the video shoot, the protagonists could sleep not only in a bed but also on the golf course, in a meeting, and at the dining table. Curious? Here’s our TV spot:

8. Travelling Around the Globe with Edelweiss

True to the motto “leave grey, love blue,” we traveled the world with our favorite airline Edelweiss and numerous travel journalists, producing plenty of photo and video content on-site. From the picturesque landscapes of the Basque Country to the mystical Azores, the breathtaking fjords of Norway, and the wild nature of Iceland – our travels spanned continents and cultures. Not to forget: the vibrant cities of Bogotá and Cartagena in Colombia, which Edelweiss has been flying to since mid-November 2023. Let our videos inspire your holiday planning.

9. Observing Climate Warming Live

Watching a glacier retreat online is now possible with Glaciers.Today. With his camera installation on Diavolezza, fine art photographer Jürg Kaufmann draws attention to climate change. We were able to place numerous reports on this exciting project in high-reach media at home (20 Minuten, Nau and Horizont) and abroad (Deutschlandfunk, FAZ and ZDF). Also, this year the Glacier Clean Up Day took place again on Diavolezza. On this special day, numerous volunteers freed the glacier from trash. We also made this happening a topic in numerous media.

10. Switching Jerseys for Bathrobes

For top performance on the football field, mental health is as important as physical prowess. For the „Flow Training Day,“ the football professionals from FC Aarau underwent a special training session at the wellness spa FORTYSEVEN. We accompanied the day with a video production and later placed the video on TeleM1.

11. Celebrating a Michelin Star for New Restaurant Concept

Paying for your restaurant visit in advance? Enjoying fine dining in a basement? Trying a new, seasonal menu every three months? The newly opened restaurant elmira promises an unparalleled dining experience. Media like 20 Minuten, Marmite, Tages-Anzeiger and FACES were thrilled. We have been taking care of the PR work for elmira since its opening. Our joy was immense when elmira received the deserved Michelin Star in October 2023, as well as the green star for sustainable gastronomy.

12. Channeling Triple Women Power at FBC

Besides our digital presence, we also expanded the strategic leadership of the agency. Christine Bohn as Director Operations and Ingvild Bottheim as Director Business Development joined Larissa Laudadio, Director Strategy & Content Production. Together, these three women make strategic decisions, ensure quality, and grow partnerships and business fields. Learn more about our executive leadership in this report from Werbewoche.

13. Premiering on YouTube

We stepped out of our comfort zone and, for once, in front of the camera: With our new YouTube formats, we share our knowledge about storytelling, PR, and marketing in an entertaining way. In the short videos, we answer questions about Performance Marketing, show practical PR Hacks, and talk about current trends in the communication industry.

14. Strolling Through Zurich in Bathrobes

Surprised looks and a lot of questions: Passers-by in Zurich gawked when 47 people in green bathrobes and flip-flops strolled comfortably through the city this past June. Media such as Nau reported on our PR stunt for the wellness spa FORTYSEVEN and we caused quite a stir.

15. Shaping Brand Storytelling for a Peace Foundation

For our international client, the Geneva Centre for Security Policy, we created a comprehensive positioning and communication concept with the exciting insights from several interviews and analyses. It was a great honor for us to support the inspiring initiatives of GCSP in promoting peace, security, and cooperation around the globe.

16. Glimpsing Behind the Scenes of Edelweiss

We travel above the clouds and to foreign countries for Edelweiss. But this time, we stayed on the ground and recorded the „Edelweiss Food Experience“ event. 20 passengers from Edelweiss had the opportunity to look behind the scenes of First Catering and try the new business class food of the airline. You can see how much work goes into the onboard food here:

17. Welcoming California to Schaffhausen

When we were asked in early summer if we could take over the PR work for the expansion of the world’s oldest burger chain, Carl’s Jr., we couldn’t pass up the opportunity. Thus, we placed our client, the Spycher Burger Gang AG, in numerous high-reach media like 20 Minuten, watson and Blick even before the official opening of the first Swiss branch. Since December 12, you can enjoy the juicy burgers and homemade milkshakes of Carl’s Jr. at the Schaffhausen station.

18. Enjoying Local Products

Our client Dallmayr launched a unique vending machine concept at the beginning of the year under the label Enjoy Local. The new machines aren’t stocked with products from large international brands, but with regional delicacies from Swiss producers. For the launch, we organized a panel discussion with experts, where we welcomed various media and interested visitors.

19. Creating the Digi-Telling Workshop

How important is digitalization for my company’s marketing mix? What is storytelling and how can I tell my story across different channels? These questions inspired us to a special collaboration. Together with Digital go, we now offer a Digi-Telling Workshop. In this workshop, you will develop a strategy with two experts on how to generate creative ideas and implement them digitally.

20. Promoting even More Football Expertise for blue Sport

Former professional football player and experienced TV expert Didi Hamann not only knows a lot about football, but he also likes to polarize with his controversial statements. Since this year, he has been working as a UEFA Champions League expert for our client blue Sport. We quickly incorporated this exciting new face into our PR work, arranging interviews with Didi for NZZ, Tages-Anzeiger, Blick, Nau and Watson.

21. Glimpsing into the Future at the Hertz Summit

The future of mobility is a pervasive topic, as seen at the “Hertz Summit 2023” last September. There, leading representatives of the industry, experts, researchers, and enthusiasts discussed the latest developments, trends, and visions of mobility. Ferris Bühler was moderating this exciting event.

22. Forming Partnerships with Great Opportunities

Thanks to our collaborations, we can offer our clients even more services. This year, we diligently formed partnerships with top brands such as Sweetspot, Admeira, Livesystems, sportsemotion, Online Marketing, Capture Media, Videogramm, Refleunced and Digital go. Cheers to exciting collaborations and many new projects!

23. Serving proudly with traser

Last but not least: ambulances, fire trucks, and sirens. What might sound like a crime scene or an accident was actually the set for the new campaign videos of the Bernese watch manufacturer traser. Together with the Baden Fire Brigade, we produced various video snippets for the traser campaign “Proud to Serve” for social media ads. Here’s a little sneak peek:

New faces, new projects, new partners – what a year! 2023 has brought many changes to FBC, but one thing will never change: our passion for storytelling and the stories of our clients. Thank you for all the exciting projects and great moments over the past year!

We’re already looking forward to the 24 highlights that await us next year and wish you a wonderful holiday season with your loved ones and a happy new year!

Happy Holidays, Your FBC Team.