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PR Manager & Text Expert

Céline's heart beats for words - whether song lyrics, newspaper articles, blogs or books. She has been devouring the latter at the drop of a hat since she was little. So when she travels, at least three books end up in Céline's suitcase, preferably in old-school paperback format.

Her love of the written word has not only earned Céline the lead of the FBC text team, but also a good eye for detail. She doesn't like typos, messy formatting and chaotic folder structures. Sounds nerdy? Yes, Céline is not only a Lord of the Rings fan, but also a potential nerd. But for over half a decade, she has been making sure that our creative ideas are directed in the right strategic direction and that we can always meet our FBC quality standards.

Céline's second great love is the mountains - in summer and winter. Born in central Switzerland, she is in her element when hiking, climbing and skiing. And because there are also beautiful mountains abroad, Céline is also passionate about traveling around the world. Both privately and for our client Edelweiss. Perhaps you have already spotted her in one or two pictures from our media trips - upside down on the zipline, for example? Because as much as Céline likes to immerse herself in a good book, she never says no to action and adventure in the great outdoors.

Of course, Céline doesn't just step on the gas on her motorcycle, but also at work. After studying journalism and communication sciences at the University of Zurich, she was an editorial trainee before discovering her love of the varied day-to-day agency work at a Zurich PR agency.

Céline has been part of the FBC team since 2018 and there's no way around her, especially early in the morning - because the only morning person in the entire team is definitely the first to sit at her desk and create the next text for our customers.

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