In spring 2018, we organized a PR stunt for the launch of the new Mercedes Benz A-Class for Kenny's Auto Center. In addition to the communicative focus on the new A-Class, the female target group was also to be addressed with PR measures. So we developed a unique PR stunt: the A-Class discount for women. Female buyers were able to benefit from a CHF 1,000 discount on the new A-Class at the start of the communication campaign. We used the existing wage inequality between men and women as the emotional background to the special offer. With the introduction of the "women's bonus", we spread the message that Kenny's Auto-Center is fighting against the "gender gap". To draw attention to the PR campaign, we implemented a cab advertising campaign in the Zurich area. We also took over the Branding: "Women drive better with Kenny's". For the first day of the cab campaign and the communication launch, we organized a PR stunt including Content production: During a photo shoot, we staged two players from the FC Zurich as real power women in one of the branded cabs and then placed the powerful media image in regional and national media. With this cheeky PR stunt for Kenny's Auto-Center, we created great media attention for the unique women's discount and the launch of the new A-Class.
Fabienne Humm and Martina Moser from FC Zurich at the shoot for Kenny's.