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Branding & Corporate Identity

What is branding?

Branding a company involves more than just a logo and a slogan. In the branding process, the brand identity and positioning of a company or product are developed into a mature CI/CD - i.e. a corporate identity and a corporate design.

A good brand should not only define its positioning. The elements for coherent branding can be divided into the following areas:

Reason Why

The vision and mission of the company


The tonality, fonts, colors and design elements


The face of the brand


The website, print documents and packaging

The importance of branding

A company or product must be recognizable and stand out from the crowd. As branding experts, we know that good branding inspires trust, loyalty and emotion and can set a company apart from its competitors.

Differentiation from the competition

How is your company different from all the others? What makes you special? And why should customers choose you?

Create recognition

A coherent logo, a website and strong imagery or individual wording can help to leave a lasting impression and make a brand recognizable.

Creating a common thread

A brand must be understandable and have a consistent appearance across all communication channels. This requires coherent and well-rounded storytelling.

Create emotions

Target groups only become customers if they feel emotionally connected to a brand and can identify with its messages and image.

Our design for the Corvatsch Sky Shop at 3,000 meters above sea level.

What does branding cost?

Branding is as individual as each brand itself. There are existing brands that want a uniform brand experience - and completely new, fine corporate ideas that first need to be turned into a brand.
Wherever you are in the branding process: We analyze your positioning and - if available - your visual appearance in order to create a coherent branding concept with your individual story. But we don't just tell the stories of products and brands, we also create them: as a branding agency, we support our clients from positioning workshops through to launch with creative ideas and an unbeatable sense of design and aesthetics. Of course, we also ensure that the new brand is perceived by the target group, for example with an individual branding campaign in the marketing and/or PR area. Our creative team has already supported various clients in branding, such as Corvatsch AG, which merged the Engadin mountain railroads Corvatsch, Diavolezza and Lagalb and needed new appearances not only for the umbrella brand, but also for various events and experience worlds.

Branding is a process

However, good branding does not end after the logo colors have been defined and the website built - branding is an ongoing process. Because every communication and marketing measure must have the defined attributes in order to be associated with your company. We support your marketing department on an ongoing basis in aligning current trends, customer needs and market changes with your branding guidelines in order to continuously maintain and sustainably strengthen your brand. In addition to online and offline marketing campaigns, we also create cool merchandise and event materials - there are no limits to your imagination. For example, we recently had the pleasure of designing a creative giveaway for journalists for our client Eichhof.

The creative giveaway for the launch of the new Eichhof Craft Legends.