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Founder & CEO


Ferris Bühler always has all the insights. Well, almost always. He is a supplier of ideas, a strategic thinker, a network builder - and easily stands up to the female power in the agency.

Our boss may have the same name as the main character in the cult film "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" - but our Ferris rarely skips work. Like the character in the movie, he never liked to spend too much time in the classroom, preferring instead to earn some pocket money by distributing newspapers - his brilliant start in the media industry! After his first jobs for regional daily newspapers in eastern Switzerland, Ferris ended up at one of the first local television stations in Switzerland, where he produced and presented a youth program - a long time ago! He later helped to set up a national print magazine and was responsible for various magazines as editor-in-chief before founding his own agency, Ferris Bühler Communications.

Our clients appreciate his flair for good ideas, exciting stories and eye-catching PR stunts and his extensive network of contacts at home and abroad. On request, he also occasionally appears on stage or in front of the camera as a presenter for our events or video productions, even though we all tend to stay in the background otherwise. But as the boss, Ferris gets his moments in the spotlight. He doesn't even need sunglasses to be cool. He only puts them on when he actually takes a day off and disappears somewhere warm.

Director Strategy & Content Production


Larissa Laudadio can actually do everything, and quite well. Her concepts are as clear and tidy as her desk, her texts as charming as her smile.

Earth to Larissa? Our team leader likes to immerse herself in her work so much that she hardly notices us anymore. The results are often astonishing: razor-sharp analyses, detailed wordings and ultimately perfect concepts that make the customer excited to work with us. The Zurich native has a bachelor's degree in corporate communications and several years of experience in journalism. Larissa has worked as a roving reporter for both local newspapers and radio - so she knows what it takes to convince them of a story.

Despite her rather calm, deliberate manner, Larissa is not one to mince her words and knows how to make herself heard - with a lot of charm and humor. As a member of the management team, she is responsible for the Creative & Content Production, HR and Marketing departments. Her responsibilities also include our online presence as well as sponsoring and events.

In her free time, she likes to listen to audio books, read and write - only to dance wildly for no reason the next moment. And that's exactly what we love about her.

Director Operations


She was born international, so to speak. Her cosmopolitan composure makes Christine Bohn a communications professional through and through. Even if certain Swiss habits irritate her.

Christine was born in Petrov Wal, a former German colony in the heart of Russia. She grew up in the Palatinate Forest and studied hotel management in Bad Honnef (North Rhine-Westphalia). A year abroad in the USA, one in Great Britain, an internship in the emirate of Ajman and 2 years in Dubai show: This woman has been around the world!

Christine has been in Switzerland since April 2015 - and first had to get used to one or two peculiarities. She now appreciates the Swiss tradition of aperitifs (fortunately, otherwise she would be completely out of place here) and also knows that a "Bostitsch" is not a Post-it note. Both colleagues and customers appreciate her friendly nature - and forgive her a few off-key notes when she gets carried away by the hits on the radio.

Her hobbies include baking and crafting - yes, Christine, we like cake pops. Very much. Really! Our event manager is also no stranger to creativity. We're convinced: it's going to be really good. Oh, and did we mention that we're on the take, Christine? And that we like cake pops?

Director Business Development


Ingvild Bottheim has a special gift: she sees solutions where there are none.

And these solutions unleash the previously invisible and undiscovered potential of their customers. Impossible? Not possible. With a master's degree in theater studies, psychology and education and a year at drama school, our Nordlicht has the ability to creatively implement ideas and strategies. She combines this with her 15 years of experience in performance marketing and an almost extreme data-driven approach.

Her decisions are always based on the Pareto principle, the latest neuropsychological findings and a clear focus on return on investment. As a Viking, she has now set sail for Switzerland to take Ferris Bühler Communications out to sea with her Norwegian and direct manner.

As Business Development Director, she is responsible for new business, sales, strategic marketing, media purchasing and the promising area of cooperation, which she drives forward with her charming negotiating skills. Between her many customer appointments, she visits the theater and cinema, reads books and goes to exhibitions, and there is almost no series that Ingvild does not know. Here, too, she gets a lot of inspiration for her work, because there are no limits to her creativity. Ingvild is driven and, like her ancestors (as a descendant of Harald Haarfagre), she playfully finds ways into the new world. With her curly, unruly hair, she looks draconian and wild, a true Viking.

Art Director & Branding Expert


Literally an image of a woman: Olga Cudakova's drawings have the wow effect. And is often more convincing than a thousand words.

Olga's designs often leave even the biggest word acrobats among us speechless - and that's saying something. Her logos and graphics don't need words, they impress with their beautiful simplicity - or their simple beauty. Olga not only has fiery red hair, she is also passionate about her job. Everything she does, she does with great passion and a radiant smile. She brought her keen sense of design and aesthetics with her from her native Lithuania - the small country on the Baltic Sea (and yes, it is part of the EU). She studied design at the Art Academy in Vilnius and created cool ideas for advertising campaigns at the BBDO agency.

She obtained a Master of Industrial Design in Lund, Sweden. Olga has developed products for the furniture giant IKEA and has shown her work at various international exhibitions, for example in Milan, Stockholm and Eindhoven. Olga is clearly an aesthete in her private life - and the biggest fashionista among us. When high heels clatter in the stairwell, you can be sure that our Queen of Design is on her way.

PR Manager & Text Expert


Céline's heart beats for words - whether song lyrics, newspaper articles, blogs or books. She has been devouring the latter at the drop of a hat since she was little. So when she travels, at least three books end up in Céline's suitcase, preferably in old-school paperback format.

Her love of the written word has not only earned Céline the lead of the FBC text team, but also a good eye for detail. She doesn't like typos, messy formatting and chaotic folder structures. Sounds nerdy? Yes, Céline is not only a Lord of the Rings fan, but also a potential nerd. But for over half a decade, she has been making sure that our creative ideas are directed in the right strategic direction and that we can always meet our FBC quality standards.

Céline's second great love is the mountains - in summer and winter. Born in central Switzerland, she is in her element when hiking, climbing and skiing. And because there are also beautiful mountains abroad, Céline is also passionate about traveling around the world. Both privately and for our client Edelweiss. Perhaps you have already spotted her in one or two pictures from our media trips - upside down on the zipline, for example? Because as much as Céline likes to immerse herself in a good book, she never says no to action and adventure in the great outdoors.

Of course, Céline doesn't just step on the gas on her motorcycle, but also at work. After studying journalism and communication sciences at the University of Zurich, she was an editorial trainee before discovering her love of the varied day-to-day agency work at a Zurich PR agency.

Céline has been part of the FBC team since 2018 and there's no way around her, especially early in the morning - because the only morning person in the entire team is definitely the first to sit at her desk and create the next text for our customers.

PR Manager & Creative Concept Expert


Elisabeth likes to juggle words and sentences and has tried her hand at everything from sport to politics and lifestyle. Impossible? Not with Elisabeth! And you are welcome to try it out.

There is only one thing that bothers Elisabeth a little about her life in Zurich: the fact that she is now one of those people who go shopping in Constance at the weekend. Having grown up in Friedrichshafen, she has lived and studied in the border town for the last few years. After an internship in the lifestyle department of Blick in Zurich, it was clear to the lake girl, who also loves the mountains: I want to stay here. And for her dream job with us, she even moved to Switzerland with bag and baggage. She has lived in Zurich since 2018 and even gives her Swiss team members restaurant and excursion tips.

During her studies in literature, art and media studies, the multi-talented journalist worked in the sports department of a local newspaper and then on the political desk of TV station N-tv. Well then, versatility now has a name: Elisabeth. That doesn't just apply to her job, by the way. As a ski instructor, she chased her groups down the mountain in winter, even in storms and fog, and as an entertainer in Mallorca or Crete, she even got people to join in with club dances. What a pleasure that she is now using her powers of persuasion at FBC, including in the NewBizz team.

Thanks to her media experience, we have not only found a first-class addition to our text and video team in Elisabeth, but also a woman who knows exactly what the media want. As a podcast enthusiast, she is also driving this area forward at FBC. What does Elisabeth want? Lots of action, as little boredom as possible and about a liter of coffee in the morning. Yes, we can!

PR Manager


If Svenja runs out of ideas, there's only one explanation: she's still thinking about the last game of the Swiss football team or the ZSC Lions.

Svenja's many facets and interests are also reflected in her area of responsibility in our FBC team: during her studies at the University of Zurich (communication science and media research), she discovered her love for strategic communication and now writes impeccable texts for our clients, puts our clients in the right spotlight at events or creates creative concepts, whether for online or offline measures. Since 2021, we have been able to rely on this bundle of power from the Zurich Oberland and convince our clients with her ideas.

Svenja's great passion is the world of sport: if anyone is interested in any sports results - whether football, ice hockey or skiing - Svenja knows all about it. It goes without saying that she can always be found on site. Either in the hockey stadium, where she loudly supports the ZSC Lions from the Limmatblock, in the football stadium as support for our national team, or on the edge of the slopes at Chuenisbärgli, where she cheers along with our ski cracks. To balance out all the fan hustle and bustle, she likes to dance around in high heels, lift weights in the gym or let her energy out on the tennis court.

Her dream: A duel against Roger Federer. So if anyone knows someone who knows someone ... we would make them a deal: if they win against Svenja, they can be the face of one of our next projects!

PR Manager


Wherever she is, a camera is never far away: Anina loves to use it to capture impressions and tell stories in moving pictures. No wonder, as she was a roving video reporter before joining FBC. Anina is like the wind, which she loves in her free time, especially when kitesurfing: she's always everywhere - even on behalf of our clients.

With Anina, a true Aargau native has finally joined us. The Klingnau native has a bachelor's degree in corporate communications and experience in journalism. As a VJ at the regional television station Tele Z, she was able to fully live out her love of storytelling via moving images - for example in reports on old steam locomotives, interviews with the Zurich government council or varied sports reports. Capturing cool content with the camera and then editing it into an exciting story is still her hobbyhorse today. However, the all-rounder is also available for everything else - from concepts and copywriting to social media content.

Anina is not only a team player at work, but also in her private life: training sessions with her volleyball club are sacred to her. When she needs time to switch off, she gets on her bike. On vacation, she goes kitesurfing. And: as much as Anina loves producing moving images, she consumes them sparingly. Sitting on the sofa and watching TV is not her thing. If she doesn't get enough exercise, she becomes insufferable - and nobody wants that.

PR Manager


Our PR consultant Fabian - who prefers to be called Fabi - has lots of ideas. But unfortunately there is always too little time to implement all his ideas. Radio Kanal K, where he started his media career, was the first to benefit from his creative ideas. After a short time in journalism - aka "the other side" - it was clear to him that studying communication at the ZHAW was the right step.

After graduating, he went straight on to work for SRG Deutschschweiz and the news portal watson - as an intern in the social media editorial team and as a video producer. During this time, he has already turned many an idea into a finished video. It goes without saying that he is therefore very familiar with moving images, Instagram, TikTok and the like.

This can be pretty much anything: from a catchy TikTok video to a funny reel to a well thought-out YouTube clip. In addition to the visuals, Fabi also has a soft spot for anything that sounds good. No wonder that as a passionate musician, he always manages to give videos and podcasts the right sound. Skills that we love at FBC!

We immediately invited him to our Ladies Round Table. Fabi has always struck the right note for FBC since 2023.



Mirjana is calmness personified, but she has a creative streak. Her heart beats for aesthetics, colors and design. Mirjana's motto is "less is more": she values good things and few things - and she is a self-confessed foodie who loves to float on cloud nine in culinary terms and therefore regularly tries out new and trendy restaurants.

Mirjana likes to make sure that things are put in order and is an excellent improviser. The cheerful nature shuns boring routine work and has already been able to demonstrate her talents in various areas: She has prepared pitches for the Omnicom Media Group in Germany, designed the graphics for journals and magazines and assisted architects with marketing measures.

Mirjana is a passionate networker who enjoys interacting with others. No wonder, she also comes from a large family with six siblings! The native of Eastern Switzerland was therefore practically born into self-employment. When she's not immersed in a graphic design task, you're likely to find her on the volleyball court, at ballet or on the boat, where she ensures her work-life balance.

PR Manager


Kölle Alaaf!!!
With Anastasia, we have a real globetrotter on board. Born in the USA, she came to Germany via Belgium and grew up in the only true carnival stronghold - Cologne. She would never have thought that she would move abroad again and then end up in Switzerland. But she embarked on the Swiss adventure in March 2023 for love - lucky for us!

Anastasia's heart beats for pop culture and literature - during her Bachelor's degree in Literature, Culture and Media, she was able to deepen her knowledge and pursue her passion for good books and films. So if anyone needs book tips or recommendations for the next weekend binge-watching session, Anastasia is the right person to turn to. Her knowledge from her master's degree in PR and marketing then led her to us in the FBC team, where she makes our clients shine with creative ideas and suitable storytelling concepts.

The fact that this cheerful girl doesn't like to sit still for long is also evident in her free time. Anastasia loves to discover new things and is always on the lookout for an adventure. Whether it's exploring a new travel or excursion destination or trying out the latest food spot in the city - there's never a dull moment with her. For example, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, she founded her own Etsy store with her sister, where she sells handmade candles and accessories online and at festivals. We love candles and accessories, Anastasia. Just saying...

PR Manager


Jenny liebt Geschichten. Schon als kleines Meidli vergrub sie ihre Nase stets zwischen den Seiten irgendwelcher Bücher. Heute bezeichnet sie sich selbst als Storytellerin. Ob Reportagen, Interviews oder auch Guetnachtgschichtlis für ihre Nichten über Dinowaurier (eine Kreuzung aus Hunden und Dinosauriern) – Jenny serviert alle möglichen Geschichten.

Spotify beschreibt Jenny im Jahresrückblick als „sprunghaft“, aber sie selbst sagt lieber, sie sei stets auf der Suche nach der nächsten Herausforderung. Jenny studierte Literatur-, Kunst- und Medienwissenschaft in Konstanz und schrieb bei am liebsten über feministische und gesellschaftsrelevante Themen. Nach zwei Jahren suchte Jenny eine neue Challenge als News-Journalistin bei Blick. Dort verbrachte sie 1,5 Jahre mit intensiven Recherchen, Interviews, Reportagen und Tagesaktualitäten.

Schliesslich wollte Jenny “the best of both worlds” – also Journalismus und PR – vereinen. Bei Ferris Bühler Communications unterstützt sie jetzt als Consultant die Medienarbeit und ist für jegliche Lifestyle-Projekte zu begeistern. Sie macht das, was sie am besten kann: Geschichten liefern und ihre Journalisten-Kontakte spielen lassen.

Wenn Jenny sich nicht gerade die nächste Story ausdenkt, kocht sie mit Leidenschaft die russischen Rezepte ihrer Mama nach oder experimentiert in der Küche herum. Am liebsten hört sie beim Schnippeln True-Crime-Podcasts.
In Zürich ist sie immer auf der Suche nach dem nächsten hippen Pop-up-Resti, das sie ihren Freund:innen weiterempfehlen kann. Gegen einen Abend auf der Couch hat sie auch nichts einzuwenden, denn Jenny wird immer mehr zum #Grandmillennial und hat am meisten Freude, wenn sie häkelt und ihren Tomaten beim Wachsen zuschauen kann.

Marketing Manager


Unkonventionelle Lösungen mit kühlem Kopf – Samir weiss sich in stressigen Situationen zu behaupten und findet Lösungen, wo andere keine sehen!

Der gebürtige Zürcher hat schon relativ früh bemerkt, dass er auf lange Sicht nicht zufrieden damit wird, den lieben langen Tag nur in stickigen Vorlesungsräumen zu sitzen. Darum hat er gleich zu Beginn seines Bachelorstudiums damit begonnen, nebenbei in der Amboss Rampe (Bar, Restaurant und Eventlocation) in Zürich zu arbeiten.

Während er also tagsüber mehr über die Theorie der digitalen Welt und der einzelnen Medienkanäle erfuhr, mischte er nächtelang die verschiedensten Drinks und erlebte das Nachtleben hautnah. Diese Kombination aus Gegensätzen resultierte in einer Hands-On-Mentalität mit einem Flair für unkonventionelle Lösungsansätze. Bewiesen hat er dies, als er nach Abschluss seines Studiums das komplette Marketing der Amboss Rampe übernommen hat. Somit haben sich seine beiden Welten verbunden und das hat sich ausgezahlt: Innerhalb von zwei Jahren hat er ein Marketing-Konzept komplett aus dem Boden gestampft und alte sowie neue digitale Kanäle zu neuem Glanz und dem Betrieb im Allgemeinen zu völlig neuer Aufmerksamkeit verholfen.

Als Mensch ist er eher ruhig und zurückhaltend, aber sobald ein Thema sein Interesse weckt, ist er Feuer und Flamme. Er denkt sich dank seiner Menschenkenntnis mühelos in die verschiedensten Menschen und Projekte hinein. Es begeistert ihn, verschiedenste Kunden mit massgeschneiderten Strategien über die passenden digitalen Medien ins Scheinwerferlicht zu rücken.

Privat begeistert er sich besonders für Animes und Mangas, mittlerweile liest er seit über 10 Jahren jeden Freitag bei Release das neuste One Piece Kapitel. Egal ob Attack on Titan, Death Note oder Dragonball – ihr sucht ein Gesprächsthema, da habt ihr es!

KI Experte


Johannes is a master at recognizing and unleashing potential. He uses his sense for business relationships and his eye for start-ups at FBC as "Business Ambassador VC/Start-ups".

Through his interaction with companies of various sizes, the Munich native has acquired the ability to build effective business relationships. No wonder, not only we, but also customers and media companies throughout Europe value Johannes as a reliable partner.

His international academic career has shaped his experience and knowledge, and as co-founder of DACCORD, a subscription-based digital website company, he has proven that he can successfully build customer relationships.
If DACCORD already sounds familiar, then you've read correctly: We didn't just get one Mr. Gerstendörfer on board, we snagged both talented brothers.

Johannes was not intimidated by coronavirus and used the challenges of founding his first start-up during the pandemic as a learning opportunity. Because learning new things is very important to him: with great enthusiasm for technology, especially AI and blockchain, Johannes invests a lot of time in further training. And when he's not strengthening our relationships with start-ups and VC firms, he gathers new inspiration while traveling.

Digital Strategy Expert


Alex's heart beats for numbers, data and technology. And that's exactly why he supports our customers in the areas of web design, performance marketing and SEO.

Born and raised in Munich, Alex already showed his entrepreneurial spirit during his school days when he restored some construction trailers and converted them into rooms. After graduating from high school, Alex moved to Vienna, where he founded the company BlackMountain and began his business studies at the Vienna University of Economics and Business.

A semester abroad in Boston, USA, was followed in 2020 by the founding of DACCORD - a website-as-a-service company that helps SMEs to develop a sustainable web presence and IT infrastructure. At the same time, Alex started his Master's degree in Management.

When he's not traveling to discover new cultures and cities, we work in partnership with Alex to create sophisticated websites, exciting online marketing ideas and precise data analyses for our clients.


We are always on the lookout for new talent to make our day-to-day agency life even more creative, colorful and better.

Interested? Then get in touch with us! We look forward to receiving your application with a photo and a sample of your creativity. You can send your documents to Christine Bohn at

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