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The vision of Ferris Bühler

"Our mission is to help people tell their story in a way that touches other people."

Everyone has exciting stories, but not everyone knows how to tell them. This may be because they have not yet found their own unique story or cannot see it. And not everyone knows how to pass on their story so that it touches or reaches other people.

This is where I come in as a professional storyteller. I listen, look and ask questions. Sometimes a story is obvious, often it takes longer to discover it. And sometimes you have to find the stories and hone them like a diamond in the rough. Once we have discovered the storyline, we have to bring the story to life and make it tangible for the rest of the world.

My vision: An agency for more than just public relations

Many companies also have exciting stories to tell. But many struggle to find the stories that matter and tell them properly. I experienced this myself when, as a media professional, I was repeatedly approached by marketing and PR people with advertising copy that was far removed from interesting stories. That's why I founded an agency for creative storytelling in 2000. My aim was to help companies and individuals find their "real" stories and tell them authentically. Storytelling starts with the logo and runs through all communication. That's why it's important that the logo itself tells the story - and that the claim, vision and brand message are brought into harmony with it.

An international PR agency for communication, branding and performance

More than two decades later, I am still telling stories. Today, I no longer do this alone. With my wonderful team, I have the privilege of supporting medium-sized and large companies from Switzerland and around the world in communicating their messages. Finding and developing stories has remained the same to this day. What has changed, however, are the possibilities. In the past, it was all about getting the stories into the traditional media - better known as media relations - but today we have an incredible wealth of channels through which we can tell the stories in the right form to the right people at the right moment. Today, we practice 360-degree storytelling: first we find the stories, then we distribute them. On a small or very large scale. Textually, visually or audibly. This may sound technical, but it is heartfelt.

In order to involve my employees as fully as possible in this process, I have created a working environment at Ferris Bühler Communications in which they can fully develop as individuals. Each of our team members can contribute as a creative talent and help shape the 360-degree storytelling experience in their own way. With a lot of passion and personality. Diverse and inclusive.

In the end, we are a passionate storytelling family that acts quickly, thinks outside the box and is creative. First. Beyond. Creative.