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Content production

We produce exciting and engaging content for companies - videos, images and graphics - so that a brand can share its expertise, useful information and entertaining news.

Why do I need content for my company?

Why is content marketing a must today? Companies can generate traffic to their websites and social media, strengthen their branding and position themselves as experts and love brands by offering their target groups the required added value.

And why video? A good video is worth a thousand words. And the value of emotional storytelling is becoming increasingly important. Captivating and touching stories can be told particularly successfully using image and video material. In the course of digitalization, these stories are no longer told face-to-face, but "shared" and "liked" - so they have to work on all digital channels. That's why we specialize in professional video production for companies. And we also take photos at the same time.

We produced a video campaign for La Val Hotel & Spa with James Bond lookalike Martin Langanke.

Content marketing: advantages for media relations

Because we know what the media want, we don't just use the content we create for our customers' channels. But also for the media. Because the latter have fewer and fewer resources of their own. Instead, we have journalistic know-how. So we kill two birds with one stone: we can provide the media with anything that makes them happy, whether it's a report, portrait or interview - for print magazines, online platforms, radio, podcasts or TV programs.

Content marketing: from concept to publication

As a content marketing agency, we take on the brainstorming, organization, support and marketing of all desired productions as well as all coordination with the necessary service providers and partners. Would you like to produce an image video? We create the content marketing editorial plan and the content required to fill it. The aim is to plan the entire content marketing mix at an early stage and use all content on various channels. We also have a blog post on the topic of content distribution blog post on the subject of content distribution.

What does content production cost?

The costs of a video production depend on the type of video production: Do you need an image video, an event video or an explanatory video? Small productions are sufficient for social media - if the video is also to be used for a TV advertisement, the requirements for camera equipment and post-production are automatically higher.
Content, quality and length (and production location) usually determine the price. But a good video can also be produced inexpensively (hello smartphone) - the main thing is that the story is well rounded. And because every video production is as individual as its client, it's worth describing as precisely as possible what result you want and what you want to use the images or films for when requesting a quote.

We produced a simple explanatory video for Engadin St. Moritz Tourism.