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The FBC method

1. Free initial consultation

A solid foundation and a deep understanding of the customer's needs is very important to us. That's why we always start with a free initial consultation, during which we take the time to get to know the company and its goals. In this first phase, the focus is on active listening so that we can get a comprehensive picture of the customer's requirements and expectations. Through this personal and non-binding exchange, we create an atmosphere of trust that lays the foundation for a successful collaboration.

2. Goal setting

Once we have gained a clear understanding of the client's needs in the initial meeting, we develop a customized strategy. Working closely with the client, we identify specific goals and set realistic, measurable milestones to ensure the success of the PR and media campaign. We take into account the individual strengths and special features of the service or product in order to develop a target group-specific and effective communication strategy. This step is crucial in order to create a clearly defined roadmap for the successful implementation of PR and media measures.

3. Your product in the media

As soon as the strategy has been defined, we turn our attention to the third step: placing the product, service or company in the media. We use our extensive network and our expertise in the media landscape to design and implement targeted campaigns and communication measures. Whether through media releases, influencer cooperations, events or targeted media relations - our team develops creative and innovative approaches to increase the client's visibility and establish the desired image. By consistently implementing the developed strategy, we ensure sustainable success and a strong presence in the media.

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