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Ferris Bühler always has all the insights. Well, almost always. He is a supplier of ideas, a strategic thinker, a network builder - and easily stands up to the female power in the agency.

Our boss may have the same name as the main character in the cult film "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" - but our Ferris rarely skips work. Like the character in the movie, he never liked to spend too much time in the classroom, preferring instead to earn some pocket money by distributing newspapers - his brilliant start in the media industry! After his first jobs for regional daily newspapers in eastern Switzerland, Ferris ended up at one of the first local television stations in Switzerland, where he produced and presented a youth program - a long time ago! He later helped to set up a national print magazine and was responsible for various magazines as editor-in-chief before founding his own agency, Ferris Bühler Communications.

Our clients appreciate his flair for good ideas, exciting stories and eye-catching PR stunts and his extensive network of contacts at home and abroad. On request, he also occasionally appears on stage or in front of the camera as a presenter for our events or video productions, even though we all tend to stay in the background otherwise. But as the boss, Ferris gets his moments in the spotlight. He doesn't even need sunglasses to be cool. He only puts them on when he actually takes a day off and disappears somewhere warm.

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