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Head of Creative & Content Production

Larissa Laudadio can actually do everything, and do it pretty well. Her concepts are as clear and tidy as her desk, her texts as charming as her smile.

Earth to Larissa? Our team leader likes to become so engrossed in her task that she hardly notices us. The results are often astonishing: razor-sharp analyses, detailed formulations and ultimately perfect concepts that make clients work with us. The Zurich native has a bachelor's degree in corporate communications and several years of experience in journalism. Larissa has worked for both local newspapers and radio as a reporter - so she knows what it takes to get a story.

Despite her rather calm, considered manner, Larissa is not at a loss for words and knows how to assert herself - with a lot of charm and humour. As a member of the board, she is responsible for the Creative & Content Production, HR and Marketing departments.

In her free time, she likes to listen to audio books, read and write - only to dance wildly and for no reason in the next moment. And that's exactly what we love about her.