Since 2012, we have been the PR and storytelling agency of Edelweiss Airthe leading Swiss leisure airline. We were able to work with Video productionsEvents and Measures We have already placed countless stories in international and national media in destination, product and corporate PR.

Virtual and hybrid media conferences

The years 2020 and 2021 were particularly challenging for the travel industry. We supported Edelweiss in communicating the constantly changing travel regulations and restrictions and the changes in the route network. In this way, we ensured that the media always stayed up to date. To this end, we organized two media events - one virtual and one hybrid - and took care of the Event organization and the Live video production.

Cristo on the Uetliberg

For the launch of the new non-stop flight to Rio de Janeiro in April 2016, we placed its landmark - the Cristo Redentor - on Zurich's local mountain without further ado. This was because the first flight was to be celebrated with a media-effective PR stunt be supported. In this way, we drew public attention to the new destination in advance. When you think of Rio de Janeiro, you think of Cristo Redentor - the 30-metre-high statue of the Redeemer that towers over the city. That's why we brought Cristo to Zurich in the run-up to the first flight. A ten-metre-high Cristo replica was installed high above the city on the Uetliberg. The event showed that Rio is closer than ever before thanks to the new Edelweiss direct flight! We organized a Festa Brasileira on the Uetliberg to mark the inauguration of the Zurich Cristo. The B2B event transported guests from the travel trade and media to the big Brazilian city with the sounds of samba and caipirinha. But the Cristo on Zurich's local mountain was also the talk of the town outside the industry. The statue quickly became the "talk of the town" and we even enjoyed international media coverage. The statue also provided positive image promotion for Edelweiss. The countless selfies and posts with the Cristo activated the community.

Aircraft naming concept

In 2015, Edelweiss was looking for a new naming concept for its aircraft. Our PR and storytelling agency was responsible for the entire naming process. Conception and realization of the naming concept. We made sure that the concept was reflected on all Edelweiss communication platforms. The basic idea behind our unique naming concept was to name the airplanes after Swiss regions where Edelweiss flowers grow. This idea not only gave each aircraft a name, but also a partner region. This region was also able to benefit from the communication activities surrounding the aircraft christening. To round off the story, we placed an Edelweiss bench with an airplane seat look in each of the sponsor regions and installed signposts pointing to Edelweiss' dream destinations. The aircraft christenings and bench inaugurations are always celebrated with Media events celebrated. Since 2015, we have achieved constant regional and national coverage of the baptisms and pew dedications. In this way, we reinforce Edelweiss' messages and ties to our home region.

The most beautiful views in Switzerland

Our concept for Naming concept of Edelweiss even further in 2018. Our aim was to strategically use the airplane seat benches in the partner regions and the positive image transfer of the Swiss connection for Edelweiss' corporate communications. We created a landing page on the Edelweiss website that presents "the most beautiful views in Switzerland". We filled the website with Text, photo and video content from our bench inaugurations. In keeping with this, we provided website visitors with tips and inspiration for their next trip to Switzerland. The naming concept also became a topic on all Edelweiss channels. In addition to the website, there is now also content on social media about the partner regions and their most beautiful views.

Media and content travel

We have been organizing regular media trips to the dream destinations of Edelweiss since 2012. In cooperation with the local tourism authorities, we have created the opportunity to familiarize selected media with Edelweiss destinations and thus inspire the general public to take a trip through media reports. We design our trips very individually, emotionally and actively - after all, we want to send the media on unforgettable vacations with Edelweiss. Well-known personalities with a connection to the destination in question often take part in the trips. In addition to organizing and managing the media trips, we produce various photo and video material on site. Video content for non-participating media, tourism partners and Edelweiss communication channels. As a result, we are constantly pleased to receive media reports about Edelweiss destinations in national and international media.

First flight events

Also with the Event conception we are regularly on duty for Edelweiss. As soon as a new destination is announced in the route network, we start planning a PR event. We call these events "first flight events". In consultation with Edelweiss and Zurich Airport, we transform the departure gate of the first flight to the new destination into a world of experience. Delicious food from the destination, dancers or musicians and all kinds of interactive games to get to know the destination await the passengers and media. We accompany the events with media work. We also produce a storytelling video with the representatives of Edelweiss and the respective countries.