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Public Relations

We do public relations work - differently and conspicuously. Sure, we write media releases, answer inquiries, maintain mailing lists and do press releases. All the usual things for a PR agency. But that's not all. Our strengths are the stories we create. That is our passion: storytelling. Finding stories, telling stories, telling stories well. On all channels.

How does storytelling work?

Storytelling makes a company, a brand, a person tangible, emotional and relevant. Storytelling simply means "telling stories". We convey information through the use of narrative patterns. As our brains are used to stories from an early age, we can absorb information more quickly and process it more easily with a common thread and emotional storylines. Storytelling can be found in journalism, literature, fairy tales and films. But successful marketing, advertising, PR and corporate communications are also based on storytelling.

What are the most important storytelling elements?

In the simplest sense, every story is structured like this: Initial situation, complication and resolution. And: every story needs a hero who successfully overcomes this challenge. You don't have a hero or a complication? That's not true: every company, every product and every person has a story! This is already written down in the business plan and is the "reason why" for your company. By the way, we reveal the simplest guide to storytelling in our blog "Storytelling made easy". There we also shed light on the most important element of storytelling: emotions.

Storytelling in communication

In media relations, storytelling means convincing with stories. Convincing a journalist that the company or product could be an exciting topic for her medium. Convincing a potential buyer that the company offers the perfect service or the right product for their individual problem. Storytelling attracts attention and identification, but also makes individual content understandable and bundles it into an overall picture of the company or person. So it's no wonder that storytelling can be found everywhere: In PR, in content marketing, in entire campaigns and in every industry - from the automotive industry to dentistry.

There are countless examples of successful storytelling - we reveal some of them and our storytelling tips in our blog.

Ferris Bühler shows that storytelling can be found everywhere.

How communication succeeds

We don't call ourselves a content and storytelling agency for nothing. We offer storytelling for companies and entrepreneurs: Whether your company has been around for a while or you are new to the market with your product or service, we can help you develop a customized communication strategy. This means finding your own story and telling it really well. And because our motto is "quality not quantity", we tell a tailor-made story for every medium and, if necessary, deliver the right content, we regularly celebrate great successes. You can see some of them in our portfolio discover.

With our own approach to media relations and storytelling, we have built up a great network in the media landscape over the years. Clients such as Hertz, Edelweiss Air and Swarovski Optik put their trust in us.

We handled the media relations for the opening of the FORTYSEVEN wellness spa in Baden.

Incidentally, we are happy to coordinate the scope of our PR support with our clients individually so that we can provide flexible, efficient and targeted support wherever it is needed. From strategic advice and a holistic concept to implementation and reporting: we are the right partner for all your PR needs.