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Online Marketing & Social Media

The digital era requires a lot of know-how, initiative and courage. As a digital marketing agency, we activate, touch or inspire your target groups at the right time with exciting stories.

The right online marketing mix

Good online marketing requires various measures with a common thread: This is why it is important to create a comprehensive online marketing concept from the outset that covers all digital marketing channels and tools.

Anyone with experience in media relations and marketing will be very familiar with this situation: no matter how good an idea is, no matter how crisp a story is - sometimes no one even notices it. Where should we tell a story so that it is heard? For a successful marketing strategy, it is essential that a company has an overview of all internal and external communication channels. In our blog, we explain in more detail why targeted distribution has gained enormous strategic importance in recent years.

We help you to develop your perfect online marketing strategy and advise you on all marketing issues. Thanks to our know-how and many best practice examples, we can support you with consulting or take on an active role in online marketing as required.

Curious? Take a look at the online marketing strategy we developed for Helvetas in more detail.

Our online marketing campaign for Helvetas was a great success.

Digital marketing for events, podcasts or companies

Whether you are an SME in the B2B sector, organizing a trade fair or want to market a podcast: Digital marketing is indispensable. Sure, event announcements, reports and advertising via media relations are valuable - but they are also difficult to measure. Do you want to know who responded to the link in your newsletter, visited your website for how long or followed your call to action? Then online marketing is essential. This allows you to define your communication goals and measure suitable KPIs (key performance indicators) on an ongoing basis.

Not sure what's worth measuring? Not only do we know the latest online marketing trends, we also know how to tell stories on various channels so that they are clicked, liked and shared and you achieve your performance goals.

We produced this video for a Selligent campaign.

Online marketing with websites: SEO, SEA and blogs

Strategies for SEO (search engine optimization) and SEA (search engine advertising) are also immensely important in the digital marketing sector. Let's google it is the motto of our digital society. With a look at Google Trends and the use of keyword software, you can quickly put yourself in the shoes of your target groups and their needs and understand what questions move them.

We've dedicated an entire podcast episode to the topic of SEO - it's packed with practical tips and simple explanations. Be sure to listen in:

Suitable content for social media marketing

Sure, the plan is one thing. But to implement it, you need content, content and more content. But sometimes it's not so easy to bring a company or product to life visually. We have created a free guide that takes you step by step through video productions or photo shoots and shows you how to place content in the best possible way. And in our blog we reveal the most common mistakes that lurk in photo and video productions.

We regularly produce photo and video content for La Val Hotel & Spa.

You don't have the capacity to produce content for online marketing yourself? No problem: our text team writes guides, blog posts, white papers, newsletters... simply anything your heart desires. We also produce photos, videos and create high-quality visuals or infographics to create exciting content for your Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok or Twitter channel. We support you with brainstorming, strategy, conception and active management of your social platforms and - if you are just starting out - also help you to define your target group with an Ideal Content Consumer Analysis.