Since 2019, we have been working as a Swiss PR and storytelling agency for SWAROVSKI OPTIK and, in consultation with the Austrian headquarters, have been implementing a wide range of PR measures um. SWAROVSKI OPTICS is a family business with strong roots in Tyrol. As a pioneer in the field of binoculars, riflescopes and telescopes, SWAROVSKI OPTIK brings people closer to the preciousness of the moment. In this way, SWAROVSKI OPTIK shares with them the joy of seeing and the fascination for the hidden and beautiful. The brand and the company are well-known and well-connected in the hunting and birdwatching target groups. In 2019, we won a pitch as an agency to make SWAROVSKI OPTIK known in the "Travel & Leisure" target group in Switzerland. To this end, we developed strategies for future communication activities. These are to be in the areas of media relations, Social Media and partnerships.
The CL Companion binoculars from SWAROVSKI OPTIK are the perfect way to discover nature.