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We have a new learning format: In the first "Lunch & Learn: Storytelling", we'll tell you everything you need to know about storytelling in just 20 minutes.

We all have far too little time to fully educate ourselves in every area. But if you don't keep yourself constantly informed, you will be overtaken by the competition. That's why we created the "Lunch & Learn" format, which is regularly dedicated to the most important PR and marketing content. In just 20 minutes, you get the most important questions on a topic answered. Our "Lunch & Learn" is designed so that you can relax, listen and learn during your lunch break.

Whether you work for a large company, have founded a start-up or are self-employed, getting the public excited about you can be difficult. That's why marketing and PR experts have been using storytelling to get themselves talked about for some time now. But not everyone is familiar with the concept of storytelling. That's why we have dedicated this "Lunch & Learn" session to storytelling and broken it down into three simple parts for you:

  • How does storytelling work?
  • Where can you find good stories?
  • Why does every company need storytelling these days?

Our PR experts Ferris Bühler and Larissa Laudadio give you the most important tools to find the best stories for your company and tell them in a way that will get them noticed by the public. This 20-minute video will save you a lot of time in the future if you understand and can apply the fantastic principle of storytelling.

Learn how to tell your story in such a way that it reaches your target group at the right time and is remembered.

You can request the video on storytelling free of charge by leaving your first and last name and e-mail address in the form below.

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