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Media professionals are an important target group for communications managers and PR professionals. But how can we build long-term relationships with journalists? And how can we get them interested in our stories?

In this free webinar, PR expert Ferris Bühler talks to journalist Corinne Wacker about the correct way to deal with media professionals. Nothing could be more obvious than talking to a journalist about this topic.

Corinne Wacker has been working as a radio, television and event presenter for over 20 years and has spent the last six years as program director and head of music at RADIO TOP and TELE TOP and as a lecturer at "MAZ - the Swiss School of Journalism". 

Whether print, radio, TV or online: If we want to place our story in the media, there is no way around them - the media professionals. But how do we attract the attention of the ever-busy journalists for our cause? And how can we build a lasting relationship with them?

In this webinar, which was elaborately recorded with five cameras, PR expert Ferris Bühler talks to journalist Corinne Wacker about how to deal successfully and correctly with media professionals. With many current examples and practical tips, this webinar is an inspiration for entrepreneurs, the self-employed and marketing managers.

You can request the webinar for free by leaving your first and last name and e-mail address in the form below. Learn how to build good relationships with journalists now!

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