blue (formerly Teleclub) is the leading pay TV channel in Switzerland. With blue Zoom, the pay-TV channel has also been a strong player in the free-TV segment since 2017. We support the Swiss company with our PR expertise in the Media relations and with the Event conception and implementation.

blue Media relations

We accompany blue in the basic communication around the program focus on sports. New broadcasting rights, presenters or sports highlights? Whenever there is something groundbreaking to communicate, we help blue to place the messages in the media. We have also had the pleasure of PR stunts and Events plan, organize and accompany.

blue Zoom media relations

Presenter and program director Claudia Lässer has been running her own talk show since 2012 - since August 2017, it has been broadcast on the Swiss free TV channel blue Zoom as "LÄSSER - Die Talkshow". In the program, Claudia Lässer welcomes former or active athletes, actors, musicians or entertainers, politicians and business giants. Who is the person behind the name, the person behind the image? The focus is on the lives of the guests, their personal happiness and their professional success. We support blue in the search for exciting guests for the talk format and place cool PR stories around the programs in the run-up to broadcast.
Claudia Lässer regularly welcomes prominent guests to the sofa of her own talk show "LÄSSER" on blue Zoom.

NHL trip to Tampa/Florida

Since 2016, blue has had the exclusive rights to show all NHL games in Switzerland. The broadcaster shows more than 100 games of the biggest ice hockey league in the world, including the playoffs and the Stanley Cup on its pay TV channel as well as on its free TV channel blue Zoom. To underline the exclusive broadcasting rights in Switzerland with a PR campaign, we were able to organize a competition in cooperation with our client Edelweiss, Visit Tampa Bay and the medium 20 Minuten. We raffled off a trip for two people to Tampa, Florida, to watch the first NHL game of the Tampa Bay Lightnings on October 6, 2018. The two winners were accompanied by former field hockey player and blue presenter Morgan Samuelsson as well as a content team consisting of us and a 20 Minuten editor who produced editorial content. In addition to watching the game, the trio explored the highlights of Tampa. We were responsible for the entire planning and support of the trip, designed a Social Media editorial plan and supervised the Content production of 20 minutes. As a result, we received countless applications and three media articles including video reports on 20 minutes. We were also able to produce content for the blue Eishockey Studios, the social media channels and the magazine. Through a meet & greet with a Swiss ice hockey player in Tampa, we achieved additional coverage in the Tamedia media.
Morgan, Jessica and David after the Tampa Bay Lightnings match.

Event: blue goal wall shooting

To kick off the Raiffeisen Super League 2017, we organized a public goal shooting event for blue in Zurich. With the PR campaign we showed the public and the media that all matches in the Swiss top league can be watched live and exclusively on blue. One day before the start of the season, a goal wall was set up at Zurich's Stadelhofen train station. The blue experts Pascal Zuberbühler and Dani Gygax challenged commuters and passers-by to a duel - who had the best touch? Free tickets for RSL matches and a visit behind the scenes at blue were up for grabs in a two-hour competition. We produced photo material of the campaign, which was published on blue's social media channels and sent to the media. With this interactive campaign, we generated a lot of sympathy among the target audience on behalf of our client and were thus able to consolidate their positioning as the "Home of Football".
blue Goal wall shooting at the start of the season, Stadelhofen station. © Roman Beer

Who covers Loco Escrito, Baschi and Co. best?

In 2021, we once again joined forces with blue in the search for new talent - namely singing talent. We received prominent support from the stars Bligg, Marc Sway, Loco Escrito and Baschi. As part of the "Sing It Your Way" program on blue Zoom, talented newcomers covered the biggest hits of Swiss stars. Young musical talents from all over Switzerland and a good portion of celebrities: the perfect mix for our Media relations! We not only gave numerous radio interviews from German-speaking to French-speaking Switzerland, but also appeared in print and online media such as the ViewSwitzerland at the weekend and in particular regional Daily newspapers and News portals were thrilled by the young musical talents.

Open Stage Cultural Award

The cultural sector was hit particularly hard by the coronavirus crisis. So blue called with Open Stage A very special casting was launched in 2021: Artists from the short film, music and comedy categories had the opportunity to receive a grant of CHF 15,000 in each category and showcase their skills on TV. A unique opportunity for the artists - and for our Media relations. Thanks to the exciting artists from all over Switzerland, we were able to achieve particularly broad media coverage: from people media such as the Swiss magazines about various regional Daily newspapers up to Radio interviews. A unique project that we will not soon forget.
Schaffhausen ventriloquist Chäller won the blue Open Stage sponsorship award in the comedy category.

Casting: Outside presenter wanted

At blue Sport, it takes more than a simple letter of application to get the dream job as an outdoor presenter. It goes without saying that we used this storyline for our Media relations in the year 2021: The selection process for the new external presenter included three casting rounds, which tested the candidates' specialist knowledge, camera skills and talent for improvisation. During this process, we were able to put our storytelling strengths to good use and arrange exciting interviews with the candidates. Incidentally, Yanick Eschler from the Bernese Oberland won the casting in the end - and with him we were able to secure further media coverage, such as at 20 minutes and personal on track.
Media relations and event conception blue
He not only impressed in terms of media relations: Yanick Eschler, winner of the blue Aussenmoderatoren Casting 2021.