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We will continue to communicate diligently for our customers in the new year. But where should you focus and what finesse will give you the best chance of standing out in 2022? We have found out about the current trends in marketing and communication and summarized the most important ones.

1. community generated content

Just a few years ago, perfect pictures and videos were decisive in determining whether a company was perceived as professional and trustworthy. Thanks to the TikTok generation, the credibility of content is now more important than a flawless look. And what is more authentic than content created by the users themselves? So take advantage of this trend next year and try replacing your clean advertising film with images and videos from customers.

Tip: To get content, you can set up competitions or challenges or simply make reposts from your followers.

2. audio content

Not only videos are gaining in importance, but also audio content. Podcasts have now established themselves in almost every household. This is because information "on demand" is more in demand than ever before. As a company can reach its target group at the pulse of time and thus create another touchpoint, it is worth considering creating your own company podcast. own company podcast into being.

3. data-based storytelling

Today, data is worth more than gold. It will therefore be very exciting to see how companies will design their campaigns without cookies in the future. Because not only online marketingbut also data-based storytelling requires meaningful data that can be turned into relevant stories. It is therefore essential that companies collect their own data about customers and target groups. This is possible with surveys or market research, for example. If you have data, you should think carefully about how it can be used. Because data-driven storytelling will continue to accompany us - despite the lack of cookies.

4. hybrid events

More than ever before, consumers are longing for personal encounters and experiences. In 2022, we will increasingly find the symbiosis of digital and analog experiences. The brand experience will become a digital experience that finds its way into real life. Hybrid eventsi.e. events that take place live for a specific target group and are broadcast digitally at the same time or afterwards, are just the beginning of this fusion.

5. storydoing

When it comes to authenticity, actions speak louder than words. This has given rise to another buzzword in communication: storydoing. Based on storytelling, this is about experiencing stories instead of just telling them. Storydoing is also a reason why brands are becoming increasingly involved in the areas of diversity and inclusion. Companies make a positive contribution to society and share this in their brand communication - this is how they gain loyal fans and turn their brand into a love brand. 

6. best ager influencers

Influencer marketing is still a trend that you should jump on to suit your company or brand. BUT influencers don't necessarily have to be dancing TikTok stars or teenage selfie queens! In 2022, we will increasingly encounter best ager influencers, i.e. 50 years plus, with whom companies can reach a new target group on social media can reach. 

Advantage: Best ager influencers are very loyal and authentic cooperation partners for companies and brands thanks to years of consumer experience. 

7. nostalgia trend

In marketing and communication, we will encounter the past again and again in 2022. Whether users on TikTok and Instagram are increasingly reviving clips and posts about music, fashion, TV shows and products from the 2000s or large companies such as Burger King are giving their logos a retro look, this year we will see more marketing and communication measures with a nostalgia factor. After all, people obviously long for a comforting feeling in uncertain times. So why don't you open the "treasure chest" of your past and rummage around a little?

Your curiosity is not yet satisfied? Also in our webinar and in our podcast StoryRadar Ferris and Larissa dive even deeper into the trends and give the most important tips for topic and content planning in 2022. They are supported by Chief Strategy Officer of pressrelationsOliver Heyden, with exciting insights. Watch or listen in now!